The Algorithm Thats Hunting Ebola

10Zoonoticfruitbat-1442939895239In April 2014, just after world health officials identified a series of suspicious deaths in Guinea as an outbreak of Ebola, 10 ecologists, 4 veterinarians, and an anthropologist traveled to a Guinean village named Meliandou. Theirs was a detective mission to determine how this outbreak began. How had “patient zero,” a 2-year-old boy named Emile, contracted the Ebola virus?

Because we believe people catch Ebola through contact with infected animals, ecologists have long sought the animal “reservoirs” that harbor the virus and pass it along (often without getting sick themselves). With every new outbreak of a zoonotic disease like Ebola, scientists race to identify the reservoirs so that public health officials can determine the method of transmission and perhaps prevent more “spillover events,” in which the disease flows from animal reservoirs to people. Such is today’s post hoc, reactive model of dealing with outbreaks.

In Meliandou, the Ebola detectives interviewed villagers, studied primate populations in nearby forests, and collected bats in nets. In December 2014, they published a paper hypothesizing that little Emile had contracted Ebola from a colony of insect-eating bats that lived in a

Neural Implant Enables Paralyzed ALS Patient to Type Six Words per Minute

BMIcursor-1443196314124Typing six words per minute may not sound very impressive. But for paralyzed people typing via a brain-computer interface (BCI), it’s a new world record.

To pull off this feat, two paralyzed people used prosthetics implanted in their brains to control computer cursors with unprecedented accuracy and speed. The experiment, reported today in Nature Medicine, was the latest from a team testing a neural system called BrainGate2. While this implant is only approved for experiments right now, researchers say this demonstration proves that such technology can be truly useful to quadriplegics, and points the way toward regular at-home use.

The two people who volunteered for this study have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, a degenerative neural disorder that leads to complete paralysis. Lead researcher Jaimie Henderson, co-director of Stanford’s Neural Prosthetics Translational Lab, calls it a “humbling experience” to work with quadriplegic patients who willingly undergo brain surgery and devote themselves to science experiments that will push forward this early-stage technology. “They’ve become true partners with us in this endeavor,” Henderson says.

The BrainGate2 system consists of an array of minuscule electrodes implanted, in this case, in a region of the motor

Secret Geek A Team Hacks Back Defends Worldwide Web

ff_kaminsky_fA balding, slightly overweight, perpetually T-shirt-clad 26-year-old computer consultant named Dan Kaminsky decided to get in shape. He began by scanning the Internet for workout tips and read that five minutes of sprinting was the equivalent of a half-hour jog. This seemed like a great shortcut—an elegant exercise hack—so he bought some running shoes at the nearest Niketown. That same afternoon, he laced up his new kicks and burst out the front door of his Seattle apartment building for his first five-minute workout. He took a few strides, slipped on a concrete ramp and crashed to the sidewalk, shattering his left elbow.

He spent the next few weeks stuck at home in a Percocet-tinged haze. Before the injury, he’d spent his days testing the inner workings of software programs. Tech companies hired him to root out security holes before hackers could find them. Kaminsky did it well. He had a knack for breaking things—bones and software alike.

But now, laid up in bed, he couldn’t think clearly. His mind drifted. Running hadn’t worked out so well. Should he buy a stationary bike? Maybe one of

Great Mini At Home Facials Ideas

Having a healthy complexion is much deeper than just having great skin.  Everyday our skin which is the largest organ in the body is stressed from environmental factors and it is also responsible for aiding in the removal of toxins from the body. Facials aid in removing or exfoliating dead outer layers from the body.  Professional facials can be quite costly but they are so worth every penny.  Here are some tips to perform a 5 step inexpensive at home facial which can be done weekly.       

Here’s what you will need:

Gentle facial cleanser
Exfoliating scrub
Face mask (clay-based for oily skin, cream or gel mask for dry skin)
Face moisturizer

  1. Clean: Remove all makeup and then wash your face, neck and ears with a good facial cleanser.
  2. Exfoliate: Using your fingers gently rub an exfoliating facial scrub in small circular motions all over your face. Make sure you focus on areas around your nose and forehead. If you have oily skin take a little extra time to scrub the face and neck.
  3. Steam: Invest in a facial steamer or heat a pot of water and place your face over the

The Different Types of Hair

Did you know that there are different hair classifications for hair? I had no idea! Not until I started selling my hair online to wig makers did I stumble onto this order of classification that is used to organize the different hair types that exist. From straight hair which falls under Type 1a to C to Wavy and Curly hair. My hair, which I sell to curly clip in hair extensions makers, is a Type 1 kind of hair. Type 1 hair, straight hair, is considered the type that reflects the most sheen and glimmer. It’s thought to be the most resilient of the hair types thanks to its hard to damage strength.

Of course, the down side to this kind of hair is that it’s nearly impossible to curl this hair type. Continue reading “The Different Types of Hair”

Fighting the Signs of Age

Everyone gets older, and there’s nothing that can really change that. That doesn’t mean that you can’t fight the signs of aging. Every year I would look in the mirror and notice that I was getting a little bit older. Wrinkles would start appearing, my hair looked a little thinnner, and my bones were starting to crack like an old person. Of course, I was only in my mid 30s, but I was still looking out for father time. One day I received a messgae to read about Gen F20 Plus here. It all seemed like gibberish to me, but there was a picture of a couple who looked young and youthful.

The picture of the couple enticed me enough to check out the message, and took me to a website about a supplement that claimed to fight the signs of aging. I’m always a little skeptical of medicines that I see advertised on the Internet, because a lot of them are not approved by the FDA, and could possibly have some kind of hidden danger associated with them. Continue reading “Fighting the Signs of Age”

Refill or Recycle Toner Cartridges What Should You Do

Depending on the nature and volume of printing you do and the type of printer you own, you can consider your options. You can recycle, refill or replace your used printer toner cartridges.

Refill Toner Cartridge

Toner cartridge refilling has emerged as a viable option for businesses to curtail their printing costs. It is not only cheaper but also environmentally friendly solution. There are many companies across the country who specialise in laser printer toner cartridge refilling. It is easy and cost-effective.

Replace Toner Cartridge

Replacing toner cartridges will be obviously expensive as the price of new cartridges is high. If you have a laser printer, then depending on the volume you require you may decide to replace the cartridge. You can either choose to buy a brand new cartridge or a third party laser printer toner cartridge. Branded printer cartridges are considered a higher quality but are expensive.

Recycle Toner Cartridge

The empty printer cartridges when sent to recycle are cost-effective and environment friendly. Many supply stores will offer discounts on refills and new cartridges. Some even pay money for used printer cartridges.

If you are looking forward to recycling or refilling printer cartridges, you can find good deals online. With so many suppliers to offer

Operate Sage Hosted Cloud application on preferred device

The core task of business management and operation is to become productive and good deliverable on time. A company should be strategically good and advanced in time management. Working on business solutions should be effective with more automation and least manual activities. Sage is leading accounting technology solutions which manage the company operations efficiently. Sage solutions are available to the trade industry form a long time and helping organization develops their enterprise. Previously it was focused for small scale industry while today it delivers to medium sized firms and startups operating in any domain. Sage products manage accounts of all the industries hence it is popular to cater to business needs of the industry. Customers, accountants, CPAs and bookkeepers understand the benefit of working the sage solutions. It is wiser to be become competitive in the industry with help of sage products. New users of the accounting solution can learn the process of accounting methods and process using any means such as webinars that are live or recorded, video portals and online tutorials. These methods enhance user knowledge and they can be experienced managing accounting application.

Free trial software application can be installed on any device and users can learn free